Tree Removal min

Tree Removal

Why Remove a Tree?

Sadly, some trees require removal; most commonly trees are removed because they are dead, dying, diseased or dangerous. In many instances the species selection is inappropriate for the location, causing potential damage to infrastructure.

When removal is deemed necessary, we at Friendly Fred’s Tree Services are qualified and experienced in the removal of large or small trees, in any situation or location.

We have the ability; qualifications, sound felling techniques and machinery to safety dismantle all trees with care and precision while preserving your property.

Before any tree removal is undertaken, we commence a comprehensive risk assessment for each scenario to ensure our actions are safe and comply with all Australian and industry specific safety standards.


  • We offer free quotes
  • We are fully insured
  • We remove all green waste associated with the removal
  • We recycle 100% of all green waste generated from our works


Friendly Fred’s Tree Service owns an extensive range of equipment suitable for any tree removal scenario. By reducing our need to contract or hire equipment, we can ensure our equipment is always reliable, meets all safety standards and is price competitive.