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Tree Pruning

Friendly Fred's Tree Services provide expert tree pruning as prescribed by our qualified Arborists.

We understand that your trees are an investment, and when pruning is completed in accordance with Australian standards, pruning will not only improve the overall aesthetic quality but increase the long -term health and sustainability of the tree.


Other reasons you may consider tree pruning:

  • removal of deadwood, damaged or diseased sections
  • bush fire hazard reduction
  • increase the safety of property and surrounding homes
  • clear trees from utility lines
  • insurance compliance
  • increase sunlight, solar efficiency and improve overall aesthetics of the site


Biosecurity is taken very seriously at Friendly Fred’s Tree Services; hence all of our pruning equipment is sanitised between sites to reduce the spread of pest and disease.

When the pruning of weed species listed under the NSW Biosecurity Act, 2015 is undertaken; all waste is disposed of as per regulations, ensuring we all play a role in the protection of our environment from invasive weed species.

There is a saying in the arboriculture industry “death by a thousand cuts”. Always ensure the pruning is performed by a qualified Arborist.  Poor pruning techniques will have a detrimental impact on the trees structural integrity, aesthetic value and expose the tree to pests and disease.